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5 Ways To Manage Your Industrial Wastewater

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment is the utmost need of the hour with the ever-growing necessity to contribute towards a Clean, Green and Safe Environment. 

In Goa, not even two percent of wastewater generated by the functioning industrial units is treated before being released in the environment. Industrial Wastewater contains harmful chemicals, heavy metals and different elements that are discharged in rivers, lakes, and seas causing severe threats to the health of the general public and ecological systems. 

Even though industrial wastewater management methods largely vary from industry to industry, there are some things all industrial facilities need to do to ensure safe and proper utilisation of wastewater as a part of their long-term strategies.

Here Are 5 Ways To Manage And Treat Your Industrial Wastewater

1. Identify Problematic Issues

One effective way to manage wastewater is by checking if any wastewater treatment equipment or pipe is damaged that hampers the treatment process or causes leaking of untreated water into the streams. Routine check-up is a must, remember each small fix can add up to big savings over time and also enhance your wastewater treatment process.

2. Don’t Treat Wastewater With The Bulk

Most industrial facilities treat wastewater in larger quantities without segregation of certain harmful compounds which their wastewater treatment plant is unable to treat. Sometimes wastewater from certain processes has contaminants which go unnoticed when treated with the bulk.  In this case, the wastewater should be segregated for processing offsite which will result in reduction of hazardous waste bound for landfills.

3. Reuse And Recycle Water

With the growing need for industrial units to be more responsible in effectively managing their wastewater, one of the most crucial thing is to practice reuse and recycling of water. This holistic approach will decrease the need of fresh water and help in saving natural resources.

4. Modify Your Wastewater Treatment Facility

Do not stick to old, ineffective wastewater treatment plants. Upgrade your industrial facility with an environment friendly wastewater management system, whose byproduct is safe and can be used for other purposes like irrigation.

5. Incorporate An Effluent Treatment Plant

ETP has proven to be the best wastewater treatment plant as it ensures that the contaminated and polluted water from industries get treated and becomes reusable before being released back into the nature. It eliminates unnecessary water usage during the processing and makes industries self-sustainable. Shifting to an Effluent Treatment Plant is the most cost-effective and environmental-friendly method.

How EP Kamat Group’s EPEE Aqua Can Help

Being ISO 9001-2015 certified and aligned with several apex bodies, EPEE Aqua manufactures environment-friendly wastewater treatment plants like ETP which can be placed in industries at one go with minimum assembly components, occupying less space and are designed in order to follow norms given by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board of India) and NGT (National Green Tribunal) with respect to BOD, COD, Oil & Grease, PH, etc.

Get In Touch with EP Kamat Group, the right expertise which will walk you through solutions that help you with all your wastewater treatment needs.

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